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You cannot create new modifications or variations through FProxy. You can only download content for modifications that already exist in the Frosmo back end. If you want to develop a new modification, you must first create the modification and its variations through the Control Panel or the Graniitti API.


  1. Create the modification through the Frosmo Control Panel or the Graniitti API.
  2. Download the content from the Frosmo back end with FProxy.
  3. Edit and test the content.
  4. Upload the edited content back to the Frosmo back end with FProxy.


  1. In your terminal, go to the sites directory. For example, the following command opens the /dev/my_sites subdirectory in your home directory:

    Code Block
    cd ~/dev/my_sites

  2. Run the fproxy upload command. For more information, see the command syntax and examples below.

If the modification is a cached modification has content preloading enabled or uses a template, the custom script for the site is automatically updated and deployed to the CDN, making the updated modification immediately available to visitors on the site. In all other cases, the modification content is retrieved from the Frosmo back end, so the custom script requires no update.