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The Control Panel is the simpler way to develop modification content, but FProxy gives you more options for using your own tools and processes, especially if you're a software developer. This guide focuses on FProxy. For more information about developing modifications in the Control Panel, see Modifications and Creating your first modification and Creating modifications.

Regardless of where you develop your modification content, you test the content on the site using the Frosmo Debugger.


The FProxy server is a proxy for the Message API (but it also works for cached modifications whose content is preloaded). This allows the Frosmo JavaScript library running on your site to retrieve modification content from your local file system instead of the Frosmo back end. Bypassing the back end in this way allows you to develop modification content locally on your computer and instantly preview the content on your site. When you're ready to put the content in production, so that visitors can see it on the site, you upload it.