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  • Getting started with the Graniitti API

    If you're new to the Frosmo Platform, start by setting up your Frosmo user account, getting your personal access token, and trying out a few test calls with the Graniitti API.

  • Graniitti API usage

    If you already have your user account and access token, start by learning about the basics of the Graniitti API and its RESTful features.

  • Graniitti API guides

    If you're already familiar with the basics and want to learn how to use the Graniitti API for specific use cases, check out our guides.

    Graniitti API reference

    If you're already familiar with the basics and just want to go straight to the raw details, check out the Graniitti API reference in the Swagger UI.

  • Graniitti API changelog

    Find out what's changed in the Graniitti API.