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This document provides a technical overview of the architecture and key features of the Frosmo platform. For a high-level introduction to what the platform offers, see Introduction to the Frosmo platformPlatform.

Table of Contents


For more information about the Control Panel, see Introduction to the Frosmo platformPlatform and our user guides.

Graniitti API

The Graniitti API provides access to the data in the Frosmo back end. The  The API allows client applications to, for example, retrieve and create modification configurationsmodifications, and retrieve usage data collected by the Frosmo JavaScript library.The Graniitti API is currently only used by the Control Panel. However, in the future, the API will be made public. Customers can then platform.

Customers can use the API to, for example:

  • Provide data to custom dashboards and management UIs.
  • Provide an outside access point to usage data that is collected and stored by the Frosmo platform.

For more information, see Graniitti API.

Message API

The Message API retrieves modification content from the Frosmo back end, so that the content can be displayed in the browser. The Message API uses segmentation data and previous usage data to dynamically select suitable content for the visitor.