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For more information about selective profiling and how to implement it on your site, see Profiling solutions on the Frosmo Platform Visitor profiling solutions.

Temporary passwords

The security of the Frosmo Control Panel has been improved. As a Control Panel user, you can create new users. When you do so, you define a password for the new user. This password is now temporary, and the new user is prompted to change the password when they log in to the Control Panel for the first time. If you change the password of an existing user, that password is also similarly temporary.


  • Frosmo Control Panel, Modifications > Overview > Modification > Product Recommendation Options: When you click Edit lists, the list of products is now ordered from newest to oldest updated product, and the list now shows a maximum of 100 products. Previously, the list was ordered from oldest to newest updated product and only showed the first 50 products.


    The Product Recommendation Options tab is only shown for recommendations.

  • Frosmo Control Panel, Modifications > Placements: In the placements list, when you hover your mouse over the Settings column items, the Control Panel now displays tooltips for each item.

    Placement settings tooltip

  • Frosmo Control Panel, Modifications > Templates: In the templates list, to edit a template, you can now click the template name to open the template settings. Previously, you could only open the settings by clicking the quick menu button for the template and selecting Edit.

    Options for editing a template

  • Frosmo Control Panel, Error Tracking > Site Status: A single statistics service now tracks displays for all placements on a site. Previously, placement services were used to separately track each placement, which meant that you needed a dedicated service for each placement on your site. To get detailed information about the status of individual placements, expand the statistics service details, click Data for an alert, and check the warning and ok arrays for previous and current display counts per placement.

    Error tracking placement serviceFor more information about the error tracking feature, see Error tracking.

Patch 2018-05-21

  • Frosmo Control Panel, Modifications > Overview > Modification > Display Options: In the Placement drop-down menu, the placement name is now followed by the placement ID. Previously, the menu only listed placements by name.

    Selecting a placement by name and ID