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Figure: Frosmo platform architecture and information flows at a glance

In a nutshell:

  • The Frosmo JavaScript library handles the modifications to the site, manages segmentation, collects usage data, and fetches content to display from the back end.
  • The Frosmo back end stores the usage data collected by the Frosmo JavaScript library and processes the data for reporting and analysis purposes. The back end also stores operational data related to modifications, segments, and other configurable resources.
  • The Frosmo Control Panel manages the Frosmo JavaScript library (and thereby how the site is modified and improved) and pools analytics data from the Frosmo back end.


The Frosmo JavaScript library consists of two script files:

  • The Frosmo Core library implements the core functionality and services of the Frosmo JavaScript solution. The library manages modifications and segmentation, collects usage data, and fetches modification content from the back end. The library is the same for all customers and sites.
  • The Frosmo custom script contains the configurations and custom code specific to a single site. These are used to modify the content and functionality of the site. The custom script runs on top of the Frosmo Core library and is unique to each site (or group of sites managed as a single site). Changes made to a site in the Control Panel are automatically reflected in the custom script for that site.

The browser loads the Frosmo JavaScript library through two <script> elements placed directly in a web page's HTML code. The first element loads the Frosmo Core library and the second one loads the custom script for the site. Apart from adding these two elements to every page on a site, no other changes are required to use the Frosmo platform. For more information, see Adding the Frosmo scripts to your site.

The Frosmo JavaScript library is optimized for fast loading. The Frosmo Core library is only 50 KB in size, while the custom script usually ranges between 16-32 KB. For more information about the Frosmo platform and site performance, see Measuring and improving website performance.


Modifications are grouped into the following types:

  • Automatic modifications generate content automatically from a data feed or an API, or from existing content managed elsewhere on the site. The generated content is first stored in the Frosmo back end and then retrieved from there for display.
  • Basic modifications are used for content that is retrieved from the Frosmo back end and displayed only after the browser has rendered the page.
  • Cached modifications are used for static content that must be inserted into the page code before the page is rendered in the browser. (Like with all modifications, the content is maintained in the Frosmo back end, but unlike with the other modification types, the content is inserted in full in the Frosmo custom script for fast access.)
  • Recommendations generate content based on the visitor's previous behavior on the site.


Table: Browsers officially supported by the Frosmo JavaScript library

FirefoxLatest version
Google ChromeLatest version
Internet Explorer (IE)9 or newer
Microsoft EdgeLatest version
Mozilla FirefoxLatest version
OperaLatest version
Safari8 or newer

Table: Browsers officially supported by the Frosmo Control Panel

Latest versionGoogle ChromeLatest version
Internet Explorer (IE)11 or newer
Microsoft EdgeLatest version
Mozilla FirefoxLatest version

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