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The Frosmo scripts are optimized for performance, making the loading times generally faster than that of advertising scripts. The Frosmo Core library is very compact, less than 50 KB. The size of the custom script usually varies between 16 KB and 32 KB. To prevent the custom script from growing too large, make sure that you don't maintain unnecessary segments, placements, or cached modifications whose content is preloaded for your site. For more information about managing and removing items using the Frosmo Control Panel, see Managing segmentsWorking with Managing placements, and Working with modifications.

Working mainly with content procured by our customers means that Frosmo content modifications should not increase any overhead. Naturally, this depends on the type of content being used; high-definition images and videos are slower to load. When Frosmo is used to filter away (hide) existing content, Frosmo's optimized version of a website can be even faster than the original site.