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titleHow do I hard-reload a web page in a desktop browser?

To speed up your web experience, browsers store copies of the websites you visit. When you visit the same site again in your browser, the pages load faster than they did on your first visit. This is because the browser can now fetch the page content from the browser's local cache on your computer, as opposed to downloading it over the internet from a web server.

Caching also means that changes to pages you've already visited may not show up in the browser immediately. Often, a simple page reload fixes this. Sometimes, though, this is not enough, and you need to force the browser to re-download the current page, ignoring the cached content. This is called a hard reload (also hard refresh, cache refresh, or cache bypass).

As a general rule, to hard-reload a page in any desktop browser:

  • Linux: Press Ctrl + Shift + R or Ctrl + F5 on your keyboard.
  • macOS: Press Command + Shift + R on your keyboard or, if using Safari, Command + R or Command + Option + R.
  • Windows: Press Ctrl + Shift + R or Ctrl + F5 on your keyboard.

If the above shortcuts do not work, check for additional options in try hard-reloading through the browser's developer tools. For example, to hard-reload a page using developer tools on Google Chrome:

  1. Open the developer tools by pressing Control + Shift + I (Linux, Windows) or Command + Option + I (macOS) on your keyboard.
  2. Right-click on the page reload button, and select Hard Reload or Empty Cache and Hard Reload.


    Selecting Empty Cache and Hard Reload will also clear the cache for the current site. If you're logged in to the site, the reload will end your login session. However, clearing the cache will give you the cleanest page reload.

For additional options, check the official browser documentation, where available:


If you're using Frosmo Preview to debug content on a page, the application will tell you when you need to hard reload the page to see the latest changes from the Frosmo Platform.


Mobile browsers do not, as a rule, support hard reload. However, you can always clear the cache of a mobile browser.