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titleHow does Frosmo affect site performance?

To optimize performance, the Frosmo Platform uses content delivery networks (CDNs) to deliver the Frosmo JavaScript library and any Frosmo-specific media files used on websites. A CDN is a network of global servers connected to each other and used to store and deliver web content, such as images, videos, style sheets, and JavaScript files. When a visitor browses a website, the content of the site is delivered by the CDN server geographically closest to the visitor, decreasing page load time. The Frosmo Platform uploads the custom script and associated media files (ones added directly to modifications) to the CDN every time they need to be updated, that is, every time something on your site is changed using the Control Panel.

The Frosmo scripts are optimized for performance, making the loading times generally faster than that of advertising scripts. The Frosmo Core library is very compact, less than 50 KBonly about 54 KB in size. The size of the custom script usually varies between 16 KB and -32 KB. To  To prevent the custom script from growing too large, make sure that you don't maintain unnecessary segments, placements, or cached modifications whose content is preloaded for your site.

For more information about site performance, see Measuring and improving website performance.