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The Frosmo platform provides multiple features, including:

  • Conversion tracking
  • Data gathering to target visitors based on their actions on the site
  • Visitor segmentation based on multiple criteria
  • Content modifications based on segmentation

The platform and feature documentation helps shows you understand how the Frosmo platform works Platform works, what data the platform collects and why, and how the different features interact within the platform and with your site.


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Version history

VersionPublication dateDescription
6.22020-04-01Updated Data collection and storage and Glossary.
6.12020-03-16Updated Data collection and storage.
6.02020-02-03Added Context and shared context.
5.82020-01-03Updated Glossary.
5.72019-12-04Updated modification-related documentation to conform to the new modification UI introduced in the Happy Valley release.
5.62019-10-09Updated Glossary.
5.52019-08-28Updated Technical overview.
5.42019-05-06Updated Technical overview.
5.32019-04-05Updated Technical overview.
5.22019-01-31Updated Glossary.
5.12019-01-09Site maintenance updates.

Added Default configuration and data tracking for a visitor.

Updated Glossary.

4.42018-09-13Removed the Downloads page and the standalone PDFs.
4.32018-09-03Updated Technical overview.

Updated Data privacy description.

Updated Profiling solutions on the Frosmo Platform.


Added Profiling solutions on the Frosmo Platform.

Updated Security overview.


Added Platform policy.

Added Data privacy description.

Updated Technical overview.

Updated Data collection and storage (previously "Data gathering and handling").

3.02018-01-31Added Measuring and improving website performance.

Updated Technical overview.

Updated System and service integrations.

2.02017-12-11Added System and service integrations.

Updated Security Technical overview.

Updated Technical Security overview.

Removed the Transaction API conversion tracking page.

1.22017-10-30Added new terms to the Updated Glossary.

Restructured and consolidated the documentation for better usability.

Moved the standalone PDFs from the front page to the Downloads page.

Cleaned up the Transaction API conversion tracking page.

1.02017-08-17First public version of this documentation.