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  • Custom content. The content is defined directly in the variation. The content is only available to that variation.
  • Content template. The content is defined outside the modification in a template. A variation links to the template for its content. The template, and therefore the content, is also available to other modifications and variations on the site.
  • Original content. No content is defined for the modification. The variation is used for tracking the performance of the original page content. This allows you to compare how the other variations perform against the original content.


  1. Optionally, enter a title for the variation.

    Entering the variation title


    If your site has a Google Analytics integration with the Frosmo Platform, the variation title is shown as a label in Google Analytics. If you change the title in the Control Panel, the label will also change.

  2. Select or change the content type:
    1. Click Select type.
    2. Select the content type.

      Selecting the content type for a variation

    3. Click Select.
  3. Define the content based on the selected content type. The available content settings depend on the selected content type and template.
    1. Custom content: Define your own CSS, HTML, and JavaScript content in a code editor.

      Defining custom content for a variation


      When using CSS and JavaScript in variation content, the code must be wrapped in <style> and <script> elements, respectively.

    2. Original content: Create a variation for tracking the original page content. Since the variation is only used for collecting data, you don't define content for it.


      To track original content, the display method of the selected placement must be Replace content, Replace element, or Hide & replace original. You cannot append a variation to the original content.

    3. Content templates: Define content based on a predefined template.

      Setting template content options for a variation

      To view the JSON object describing the full content options for the variation, expand the Content options object (JSON) section.

      Viewing the JSON object describing the full content options for a variation

  4. When you're done, click Save.