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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from this space and version 15.8


  1. Get the Frosmo <script> elements for your site. For more information, see Creating and managing sites#Getting the Frosmo script elements for a site.
  2. Edit the /public/index.html file of the application, add the <script> elements to the end of the <head> element, and save the file.

    Frosmo scripts in Create React App

  3. To check that the platform is successfully integrated with the application, open the browser console, and enter frosmo.easy. If the integration platform and application are integrated, the console displays information about the frosmo.easy object.

    Frosmo Platform successfully integrated

    If the object is undefined, or if the console displays an error, check that the <script> elements in /public/index.html are correct.