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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from this space and version 4.10


  • The header now contains a Help menu with links to Frosmo Documentation.

  • Creating and editing views for some of the key features are now based on sliding modal windows for improved consistency and usability.
  • Modifications > Placements:
    • The overall look-and-feel of the placements UI has been futher improved.
    • You can now either select an existing trigger, or create and select a new trigger in the same view while creating a placement.

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    • Saving a placement now returns you to the Placements list view. Before, you had to click Cancel to get back to the list view.
  • Modifications > Overview > Modification > Display Options:
    • Placement selection: You can now both select an existing placement and create a new one while defining modification display options.

    • Segment selection: Selecting segments and defining a segment combination have been integrated into a single view and workflow:

      • The Add segment button and the segment combination field have been replaced with the Define segments button, which opens a new modal for creating and selecting the segments and defining the segment combination for the modification.
      • You create the segment combination by defining two or more inclusive or exclusive segment groups combined by AND operators. 
      • You can see the size of each segment as well as the estimated audience size based on the segment combination.

      • You can now either select an existing segment, or create and select a new segment in the same view.


      If you delete a segment that is being used in a segment combination defined for a modification, you cannot save the modification and the platform displays an error message. To save the modification, remove the invalid segment from the segment combination. Keep in mind the effect on the estimated audience size.


      The improvements to the segment selection require changes in the way segment data is stored in the Frosmo Platform. The new solution is fully backwards compatible.

      However, if you have left modification view open before the release, reload the page in your browser to enable the latest UI changes.