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  1. In the Frosmo Control Panel, you define a rule or a set of rules for each segment. After you create and save a segment, the segment becomes active immediately. 
  2. When a visitor browses your site, they get segmented according to the defined segmentation rules.
  3. During the initial browsing session and subsequent visits to the site, the visitor may be included in additional segments or removed from segments depending on the defined segmentation rules.

For example, for a retail site, you can create a segment for returning visitors who viewed at least two products in the coffee maker product category during the last 14 days. This means that a visitor who has visited your site may view two coffee makers within the span of 14 days to get segmented. You can assume that visitors in this segment are currently interested in coffee makers and use that information to, for example, show recommendations or other modifications related to that product category. When the visitor fails to return to your site and view coffee makers in 14 days, they are  automatically are automatically removed from the segment (and probably no longer interested in the product category).