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  • Documenting the purpose of processing personal data
  • Defining which data is needed for the purpose
  • Defining whether the personal data is given to third parties
  • Defining whether and how the personal data may be transferred outside the European Union (EU)
  • Defining whether the data processing comprises profiling or automated decision-making
  • Ensuring that the data subjects have given their consent to data collection
  • Maintaining required documentation and monitoring the actions of third-party systems and subcontractors, if any



For European customers


, Frosmo does not transfer personal data outside the European Union (EU) / European Economic Area (EEA).

The agreement with the hosting partners prohibits any operations related to Frosmo customer data. Frosmo personnel is solely responsible for managing and processing all data collected by the Frosmo Platform.


The Frosmo Platform data is regularly replicated for business continuity purposes. The backup copies cannot be accessed as such, and rolling back to one requires effort from the Frosmo System Administrator.

Transfer of data outside the



For European customers, Frosmo does not transfer personal data outside the European Union (EU/ETA area) / European Economic Area (EEA).

When a content delivery network (CDN) is used to deliver the Frosmo JavaScript library to a website visitor's browser, in some cases there is a chance that the CDN server used is located outside the EU/ETA areaEEA. However, the Frosmo JavaScript library as such does not contain personal data.