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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from this space and version 14.0

This example shows you how to create a recommendation for products currently trending in a product category. The example uses a recommendation strategy to generate the recommendation data. The example covers the entire development workflow from creating and testing the strategy to creating the modification that displays the recommendation.

In this example, you:

  • Create a recommendation strategy for the top 10 trending products in a given product category. The trending products comprise the top 5 most viewed and top 5 most purchased products in the category in the past 24 hours. The product order is shuffled.
  • Create a customizable template for a product recommendation slider. The template uses the frosmo.easy.strategies.fetch() function for retrieving the recommendation data generated from the recommendation strategy.
  • Create a modification and associated placement for displaying the recommendation on product category pages. The modification uses the recommendation slider template for its content.



If you're trying out this example on a production site, but do not want the example to interfere with production content, use either test mode or a workspace in creating the example. You can also safely preview the modification from the Control Panel.