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For the Frosmo Platform component versions in this release, see the changelog.

Major changes

New modification UI


  • A/B test. Create a modification with two or more variations to test which variation performs the best. You manually define the variation distribution, that is, the percentage of eligible visitors to whom each variation is shown.
  • Multi-armed bandit. Create a modification with two or more variations, and select a multi-armed bandit algorithm for automatically optimizing the variation distribution over time. The better a variation performs relative to the other variations, the bigger the portion of visitors to whom the platform shows the variation.
  • Personalization. Create a modification with a single variation to provide personalized content to your visitors.
  • Selective profiling. Create a modification with a single variation (and no comparison group) to provide non-personalized content that is safe to display to visitors who have refused profiling. This case is only available on sites that have the selective profiling module enabled. For more information, see Profiling solutions on the Frosmo PlatformVisitor profiling solutions.

Creating a modification in the new UI (left) and in the old UI (right)

Figure: Creating a modification in the new UI (left) and in the old UI (right) (click to enlarge)


You can now easily preview variations directly from the Control Panel. To preview a variation, all you need to do is define a preview URL for the associated placement, and then select Preview from the variation quick menu in the modification settings. The preview opens the specified preview URL and displays the variation on that page.

The preview uses the Frosmo Preview Tool to display the variation, so you can preview both active and inactive variations, and the modification itself can be either active or inactive. The preview always retrieves the modification content from the Frosmo back end, so the content preloading advanced setting has no effect, if enabled. In addition, you don't have to be in the target audience defined for the modification to see the variation.