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The Frosmo Control Panel provides you with a set of conversation-related statistics to monitor the number of conversions driven by the Frosmo Platform, and the revenue generated by the conversions.

Table of Contents

Viewing the conversion summary

To quickly view the most important conversion statistics, in the Control Panel, select Overview. You can view the following statistics for the previous monthon a monthly level:

  • Current trend in the conversion rate displayed as charts: Select a conversion type from the drop-down menu to view its development compared to the previous month.

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    The charts show the visitors and converted visitors as integers, and the conversion rate as a percentage.

    The export To download the charts as a PDF file (for example, for reporting purposes), click Export charts as PDF Download statistics report.

  • Conversion summary: Below the charts, you can view a summary with the following key statistics:

    • Visitors: Integer
    • Converted visitors: Integer
    • Conversion rate: Percentage
    • Average conversions per paying user (ACPPU): Average as integer
    • Average conversions per unique user (ACPUU): Average as integer

    Viewing the conversion summary

    In addition to the statistics, the summary shows the change from the previous month.


  1. Select the time frame for which you want to view statistics (Weekly, Monthly, or Custom):
    • For weekly and monthly reports, you can select a starting date for the time period you want to view.
    • To set both the starting date and ending date freely, select Custom , and set both dates.
    • To set a date, enter it in the Start or End field in the YYYY-MM-DD format, or select the date from the calendar.
  2. Select the segments and conversion types for which you want to view statistics:
    • Segments: You can view conversation statistics for all segments on your site, or select a specific segment from the drop-down list.
    • Conversion Types: You can view conversion statistics for all conversion types on your site, or select a conversion type from the drop-down list.
  3. To update the statistic reports with your selections, click Update.


To toggle the visibility of each group, click the group name at the bottom of the chart. In the following figure, the charts for all visitors and visitors not in the comparison group are visible, whereas the chart for visitors not in the comparison group is hidden.


The Daily revenue chart shows you the revenue brought by conversions in the currency defined for your site.


You can only see the daily revenue from conversions that have a conversion value defined in the conversion definitions.