You can at any time regenerate an email recommendation whose code you have created. Regenerating an email recommendation means refreshing the set of recommended items based on the latest usage data from the site. Depending on what's changed on the site, the items and their details may stay the same; the items may stay the same, but their details or order may change; or the regeneration may result in a new set of recommended items.

Technically, in regenerating the email recommendation, the platform first regenerates the recommendation data and then recreates the static images for the recommended items. Regeneration does not change the email recommendation code, only the images to which the code links.

Existing emails that use the code will also show the regenerated recommendation.

To regenerate an email recommendation:

  1. In the Frosmo Control Panel, in the sidebar, select More > Email Recommendations.
  2. In the email recommendations list, find the recommendation you want to regenerate, and click the recommendation name.
  3. In the email recommendation settings view, at the bottom, click Regenerate. The platform regenerates the recommendation, and the preview reloads with the refreshed set of recommended items.

The email recommendation code now displays the regenerated recommendation.