In the Frosmo Platform, an email recommendation is a piece of dynamically generated content delivered through an email. An email recommendation can display two to three products.

A product displayed in an email recommendation is technically a static image created by the Frosmo Platform and displayed in an email. The image features the product image as well as product information, such as name and price.

Products displayed in an email recommendation

Figure: Products displayed in an email recommendation

The recommendation content is created based on the selected recommendation type at the moment when the recommendation code gets created. This effectively means that, for example, if a product is available when the email is created and sent, but sold out by the time a recipient opens up the email featuring the recommendation, the sold-out product is still displayed in the email.

Prerequisites and limitations for email recommendations

Email recommendations are based on recommendation configurations. Therefore, to create email recommendations, you must have recommendations configured for your site. While creating an email recommendation is purely about checking and defining options in a graphical user interface, creating a recommendation configuration involves writing code.

In addition, effective email recommendations require that there are enough products available on your site. This is especially true if you filter the recommended products by category, brand, or other attributes, as filtering results in a smaller set of products.

Email recommendations currently support recommendation types based on collaborative filtering. If you want to create other types of recommendations, contact Frosmo support.

Email recommendations workflow

The workflow for creating email recommendations runs as follows:

  1. The Frosmo Platform tracks products on a website to collect data about the most viewed and purchased products and product combinations.
  2. The user creates a recommendation configuration in the Control Panel. When the recommendation is generated, the configuration is populated with recommendation data.
  3. The user creates an email recommendation in the Control Panel based on a recommendation configuration, and defines the recommendation settings.
  4. The Control Panel creates the email recommendation code.
  5. The user copies the code, pastes it to an email template, and sends the email.
  6. When a recipient opens the email, the recommendation is displayed.

Email recommendations workflow

Figure: Email recommendations workflow

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