This example shows you how to segment visitors who are interested in specific products in a product category but have not yet purchased that product. By recognizing customers who are interested in a specific product, you can recommend relevant products to them. In this example, visitors who have viewed "Coffee grinder 1" and "Coffee grinder 2" products without making a purchase are segmented. You can create a similar segments using the products on your site.

To select a product category and products, you must have product tracking set up for your site.

To create the segment:

  1. In the Frosmo Control Panel, in the sidebar, select Audiences.
  2. Click Create segment.
  3. Click Add new rule, select Product view, and set the segmentation rule.

    In the Coffee product category, the visitor has viewed Coffee grinder 1 or Coffee grinder 2 product(s) more than or equal to 1 times, with each page load counted as a view.

    This means that visitors viewing the product pages for Coffee grinder 1 and 2 in the Coffee product category more than once are segmented. Each page view is counted.

  4. Click Add new condition, select AND, click Conversion, and set the segmentation rule:

    The visitor has completed the transaction conversion with Coffee grinder 1 or Coffee grinder 2 products less than 1 times, with each conversion counted.

    This means that visitors who did not buy Coffee grinder 1 or 2 are segmented. If a visitor buys one of the coffee grinders, they are excluded from the segment.

  5. Set the time limit. In this example, the time limit is set to 14 days, but you can set it to suit your customers' buying cycle.
  6. Select Description, and enter a name and description for the segment as shown in the following figure.

  7. When you're done, click Save.