This example shows you how to recommend products that visitors typically purchase together. The example covers the entire development workflow from collecting the necessary data from the site to creating and configuring the recommendation, to creating the modification that retrieves and displays the recommendation data.

In a nutshell, this example:

  • Tracks products and product purchases on the site. Product purchases are tracked as transaction data. Both product and transaction data are required to generate the recommendation.
  • Implements a recommendation for the top five products purchased together with a given product within the past 24 hours.
  • Implements a placement and modification for displaying the recommendation data on product pages.

To create the example:

  1. Collect the necessary product and transaction data from the site.
  2. Create and test the recommendation.
  3. Display the recommendation on the site.

To create the modifications and placements in the example without disrupting the live content on your site, use a workspace. If you do not have access to the workspaces feature, use test mode.

The following figure shows an example of a product page, where the product details are followed by a carousel that displays other products purchased together with the current product. The carousel is populated from recommendation data.

Product page with a recommendation for products purchased together

Figure: Product page with a recommendation for products purchased together

For more information about recommendations, see Recommendations.