This example shows you how to create an email recommendation for products most viewed during the last 14 days on a site, and how to use that email recommendation in a marketing email. You first create the email recommendation in the Frosmo Contol Panel, and then paste the recommendation code snippet to an email template.

This example uses HubSpot as the email service.

Creating the email recommendation

To create an email recommendation:

  1. In the Frosmo Control Panel, select Data Management > Recommendations > Email Recommendations.
  2. Click Create recommendation.
  3. Create the recommendation:

    1. Enter a descriptive name for the recommendation.
    2. In Type, select Most viewed 14 days. This is the configuration used to generate the recommendation. 

      The list contains the recommendation configurations created for the site. The configurations available for your site may differ from the ones in this example. For more information about configuring recommendations, see Creating recommendations.

    3. Click Create.

  4. Define the recommendation settings:

    1. In Recommendation settings, keep the default settings.

      The recommendation filters are derived from the selected recommendation configuration.

    2. In Design settings, change Title to "Popular products". Otherwise, to show three products with their names and prices displayed, keep the default settings.

    3. In Preview, select Save and Preview to preview the recommendation.

  5. Create and copy the recommendation code:

    1. Click Create code.
    2. To confirm, click Create code.
    3. To copy the code directly to your clipboard, click Copy to clipboard.

    4. Click Close.

You have created the email recommendation. For more information about email recommendation settings, see Creating and editing an email recommendation.

Using the recommendation in an email

Your HubSpot setup may differ from the one used in this example. For more information about HubSpot settings, see HubSpot Knowledge Base.

To use the recommendation in an email sent through HubSpot:

  1. Log in to HubSpot.
  2. Select Marketing > Email.

  3. To create a new email, select Create email.
  4. Select a template for the email.
  5. Enter a name for the email, and click Create email.
  6. Edit the email content as you wish.
  7. Add the email recommendation to the email content:

    1. In the email editor,  click the part of the email to which you want to add the recommendation.
    2. To access the HTML code of the selected part, select Advanced, and select Source code.

    3. Paste the email recommendation code from the clipboard to the email content.

    4. When you're done, click Save changes, and click Next.
  8. Define the email settings, and click Next.
  9. Select email recipients, and click Next. It's recommended to send a test email to yourself or your team before sending the email out to a wider audience.
  10. Review the email, and click Next.
  11. To send the email immediately, select Send now. To confirm, click Send email now.

You've sent the email. You can preview it in your email client before sending it to your target audience.

You can check the performance of the email recommendation at any time.

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