Email recommendations require the Frosmo Email recommendations add-on for the Frosmo Control Panel. To get the add-on, if you do not already have it, contact your Frosmo representative or

Email recommendations allow you to extend the use of the Frosmo Platform beyond your website. You can collect product data from your site and recommend the most popular products in a marketing email. You can include email recommendations to any type of email you send to your customers. Here are some common examples:

  • Welcome email after a visitor has registered as a user
  • Newsletters or other regular emails
  • Order confirmation emails

Technically, an email recommendation is a piece of HTML code created from recommendation data. You create the code in the Frosmo Control Panel and paste it to an email template. You can also define which information to display about the products, and what the recommendations look like.

Email recommendation displaying three products

Figure: Email recommendation displaying three products

This guide introduces the email recommendations feature, and shows you how to create email recommendations in the Frosmo Control Panel, and how to use them in emails.