Learn how to develop and manage your site, to improve its user experience, and to create personalized visitor journeys using the Frosmo Platform.

  • Segmentation allows you to target specific groups of visitors with content that meets their interests.
  • Placements determine where modifications are placed on websites: on which web pages and where on those pages.
  • Modifications are real-time changes to web pages designed to personalize or otherwise improve the user experience of the website and to guide visitors to complete conversions.
  • Templates allow you to define web content once and then reuse that content across multiple modifications on your site.
  • Triggers allow you to detect particular events on a web page and take predefined actions based on those events.
  • Recommendations are dynamically generated content predicted to appeal to visitors and delivered through modifications.
  • Email recommendations allow you to recommend the most popular products on your site in an email.
  • Workspaces allow you to safely develop and test features without affecting the live content of your site.