Before you start

Recommendations typically rely on data collected from the site, but they can also use data that is directly fed or imported to the Frosmo Platform. Before you can generate a recommendation, you must implement tracking for the data from which to generate the recommendation, or you must otherwise get the data to the Frosmo back end. For example, to generate a product recommendation, you must first implement tracking for product data on your site, or you must use a product data feed or file import to store the data to the back end.

You have the following options for implementing data tracking on your site:

  • Use the data layer to track conversions, custom actions, products, and transactions. You can use the data layer either from your site's source code or in modification content. For more information, see Frosmo data layer.
  • Have your Frosmo team implement the data tracking through the Frosmo custom script. For more information about this option, contact your Frosmo representative. For more information about the custom script, see Technical overview.

If you want to use a data feed or file import, contact your Frosmo representative, as only your Frosmo team can currently implement these solutions.

Developing a recommendation

To develop a recommendation:

  1. Plan what type of recommendation you want to develop.
  2. Create and configure the recommendation in the Frosmo Control Panel.
  3. Retrieve the generated recommendation data using the Recommendations API.

You can also manage the recommendation after creating it.

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