The following steps describe the full workflow for creating a Smart Discovery from scratch.

To create a Smart Discovery:

  1. Check the Smart Discovery data generated for the site. Make sure the Smart Discovery you're creating has data generated for it.

    You do not need to, nor can you, manually generate or otherwise configure any data. The platform has automatically generated the data for the site. However, if you find any issues with the data and need the data to be regenerated, contact Frosmo support.

  2. Create a template for the Smart Discovery. In the template, fetch the Smart Discovery data. For each suggestion, use the facets returned for the suggestion to build the search query URL for the suggestion. The URL must open the search results page for the suggested search.
  3. Create a modification for the Smart Discovery, and set up the modification:
    • Optionally, define targeting for the modification.
    • Define a placement for the modification.
    • Define the content for the modification. Use the template you created as the content, and define the content options, if any.
  4. Test the Smart Discovery. If you're not in a workspace, use variation preview or test mode.
  5. Publish the Smart Discovery. You do this by activating the modification (or, if the modification is already active but in test mode, by disabling test mode for the modification).

The Smart Discovery is now live on the site. You can freely edit the different components to improve or otherwise change how the discovery works.

The following figure illustrates how the different components come together to create and display the Smart Discovery.

Creating a Smart Discovery

Figure: Creating a Smart Discovery (click to enlarge)