A conversion is an action you want your website visitors to take, such as purchasing a product, signing up for a newsletter, downloading a brochure, or watching a video. You can define a conversion to be basically any variable in visitor behavior that you want to measure. What exactly you want to define as a conversion depends on your business goals. The most common type of conversion is a transaction, that is, the simultaneous purchase of one or more products.

Conversions and transactions

The Frosmo Platform counts purchase-related conversions on a transaction basis. The platform counts each transaction, a completed purchase of one or more products, as a single conversion.

Example: A visitor of an online book seller adds five different books to their shopping cart, with two copies of one book, for a total of six items. The visitor proceeds to checkout and completes a purchase of all six items. The Frosmo Platform counts the purchase – a transaction – as a single conversion. The visitor then adds one more book to their now-empty cart and completes another purchase. The Frosmo Platform counts the second purchase of a single item as a single conversion, too.

Conversion tracking

This guide introduces the concept of conversion tracking and shows how you can track conversions using conversion definitions: