To use the Frosmo Platform, you must have a user account set up in the Control Panel. Frosmo will create accounts for the first users in your organization. The first users can then create further accounts for additional users in the organization.

In the Control Panel, you can:

Managing your user settings

To manage your own user settings, click your user name in the bottom left corner, and select Personal Settings.

You can edit your email address, first name, and last name, and you can change your password. For more information, see Managing your user settings.

Creating users

You may need several people in your organization to access the Control Panel.

To create a new Control Panel user:

  1. In the bottom left corner, click your user name, and select Users.

    Accessing user settings

  2. Click Create user.
  3. Define the basic user information:

    • Enter the user's email address, first name, and last name.
    • Enter the user's password in the Password field and again in the Retype password field. When the user logs into the Control Panel for the first time, they are prompted to change their password. For more information about the password requirements, see Managing your user settings.
    Creating a user
  4. Select Company access, and define the companies to which the user has access. Access to a company means access to all its sites and related settings.

    To add the user to a company, click inside the Add company field, and, from the drop-down list, select the company to which you want to add the user. To filter the list, start typing the company name in the field.

    Creating a user

    If you have access to a single company, the Control Panel automatically adds the user to that company. If you have access to multiple companies, you need to manually define which companies the user has access to. You cannot create the user until you've selected at least one company for them.

  5. When you're done, click Create.

For more information, see Creating and managing other users.