This example shows you how to create a simple segment for visitors who have visited any page on the site at least two times within 7 days.

You create a segment by defining a set of conditional rules that together determine whether visitors are placed in the segment. If a visitor meets all the conditions, they are placed in the segment. You also define a time limit for the segment, which determines how many days the visitor remains in the segment before the conditions are rechecked, and the visitor is either kept in the segment or removed from it.

To create your first segment:

  1. Log in to the Frosmo Control Panel.
  2. At the top of the page, click Change, and select the site for which you want to create the segment.
  3. Select Data Management > Segmentation > Segments.
  4. Click Create segment.
  5. Start by adding a rule for the segment.

    1. Click Add new rule.
    2. In the rules list, select Site visit, and set the options to: "The visitor has visited the site more than or equal to 2 times, with each site visit counted as a visit." This means that even if the visitor visits the site several times during one day, each visit is counted.
    3. Set the time limit to 7 days. This means that the visitor has to visit the site at least two times during a week to enter the segment.

    Creating your first segment

  6. Select Description, and enter a descriptive name for your segment. You can also enter a description to better remember what the segment is about.

    Creating your first segment

  7. Click Save.

You have created the segment. You can now apply this segment to modifications.

For more information about segments and segment settings, see Segmentation and Creating segments.