This example shows you how to create a simple image modification that displays the Frosmo logo in a banner at the top of the page. The Frosmo logo replaces the original logo text shown in the following figure.

Web page with the original logo

Figure: Web page with the original logo

To create the modification:

  1. Select the modification type.
  2. Create an image variation and adding content.
  3. Define the display options.
  4. Activate the modification.

For more information about modification settings and how to manage modifications, see Creating modifications.

Selecting the modification type

To select the modification type:

  1. In the Frosmo Control Panel, select Modifications > Overview.
  2. Click Create modification.
  3. Enter a descriptive name for the modification, such as "Logo Banner", and select Basic as the modification type.
  4. Select Enable comparison group. This allows you to monitor the performance of the modification as compared to your original content. If the comparison group is enabled, a tracking variation is automatically created for the modification.
  5. Click Create modification.

    Creating a modification

The Control Panel creates the initial setup for the modification and opens the modification settings.

Creating an image variation and adding content

To create a variation and add content for the modification:

  1. Select Content.
  2. To remove the automatically created HTML variation ("Variation 1"), expand the variation details by clicking the arrow next to the variation name, and click Remove. To confirm, click Remove.
  3. Click Create image variation.
  4. In the variation details, click Upload file, and select and upload the image to be displayed. In this example, the Frosmo logo is used. You can also enter a name for the variation in the Title field. The title is optional and will not be shown to visitors.
  5. In the Click URL field, enter the URL of a web page to which the visitor is redirected when clicking the banner image.
  6. To activate the variation, click Activate. You can deactivate the variation at any time.

    The variation distribution determines the percentage of applicable visitors that will see a specific variation. In this example, you only have one existing variation with comparison group enabled, so the variation is automatically shown to 90% of the visitors.

  7. When you're done, click Save all.

    Creating an image variation and adding content

Defining the display options

To define the display options:

  1. Select Display Options.
  2. Select a placement for the modification. In this example, the placement is a small logo banner shown on all pages. For more information about creating a placement, see Creating your first placement.

  3. Define the start and end date for displaying the modification. You can also choose not to define an end date, in which case the modification is shown indefinitely as determined by the audience settings and advanced display settings, or until you deactivate it.

    Defining the display options

  4. Define the audience settings. In this example:

    • Select Test mode. For more information about test mode, see Test mode.
    • Select one segment to which to show the modification: visitors who have visited the site at least two times over 7 days. To select the segment:
      • In Audience > Segments, click Define segments.
      • Click Add new rule, and click Select segments.
      • Select the correct segment from the list, and click Select.
      • Make sure that the segment combination is defined as "The visitor is in one of the following segments: 2 or more site visits".

    Leave the other audience settings to their default values. For more information about creating a segment, see Creating your first segment.

  5. Leave the advanced settings to their default values.
  6. When you're done, click Save.

Activating the modification

To activate the modification, click Activate.

Activating the modification

The status of the modification changes to Active. If the modification is scheduled for later, the modification status changes to Upcoming.

To deactivate the modification, click Deactivate.

After you activate the modification, the relevant visitor segment sees the page with a Frosmo logo.

Web page with the Frosmo logo

Figure: Web page with the Frosmo logo

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