You are now all set and ready to start building personalized visitor journeys and managing the user experience of your site. Where to begin depends on what you want to achieve. You can start by planning visitor journeys for your website, or get familiar with the Frosmo Platform key features:


A segment is a group of visitors who share the same interests, location, website behavior, or other characteristics. Segments are used to target visitors with content that matches their needs, making the purchase funnel faster and the overall visitor experience more pleasant.


A placement determines where on the web page a modification is placed. In the page code, the modification is always placed in relation to a specific target element. How and where the modification is actually displayed on the page depends on the page layout.


A modification is a real-time change to a web page designed to personalize or otherwise improve the user experience of the website and to guide visitors to complete a conversion.


A trigger allows you to detect a particular event, such as a click, on a web page and take a predefined action based on that event.